Common problem + simple solution = Half a million $ in savings

I am often asked the question, ” So you integrate anything to anything? Fine, but how does it really help me?”. It is a common question that I face as a salesman or the product guy for a IoT and SaaS integration platform whose claim to fame is protocol independence. You can connect any device, sensor, application or a cloud over any protocol using  RoboMQ. The real answer is, there is saving everywhere. There is saving wherever you can integrate meaningful information from one system or a device to another. If we could use the integration technologies to make available the right data (I will rather call it information) at the right time and  at the right place (system), there are tremendous opportunity to save operational cost or create new revenue streams. This real life example is one of the operational cost savings. One of our customers is in a business that employs a large number of seasonal employees – young, between jobs and between life stages. And the business is expanding aggressively. The challenge was the cost associated with handling employee life cycle events (hiring, promotion and termination) from HR system to AD (Active Directory) identity creation and providing role based access. The HR system in this case is ADP. Whenever a new employee is hired the record or event is created in ADP. From this point onward, the new hire goes through pre-hire stage of filling paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete, his AD identity is created and he is granted access to required systems so that he is all set on the first day of the job. In most organizations, HR will create a ticket or a case for creating AD identity and the grant of access. A system admin will create AD identity, grant access and then close the ticket or the case. Typically it will require 1.5 to 2 hours of system admin work. Now when we automate this process by integrating ADP HR to AD (Active Directory) through RoboMQ, we remove all the manual system admin work including creating and closing the tickets or the cases. To calculate the savings, lets do a simple math. The customer hires 6,000 associates in a year. The average cost of handling one hire is 1.5 to 2 hours of system admin time. If we assume cost of system admin is $65/hour, then at the minimum the annual saving is $585,000 (6,000X1.5X60). You can plug in your numbers, but it is still a big saving of over half a million dollar a year from a single integration!! What we really do in this ADP to AD Integration? We listen to HR events by getting files containing employee life cycle information. We process the file containing individual employee events through our Microservices based integration middleware. While events are being routed, they are processed by a chain of Microservices. These Microservices apply rule based intelligence to assign AD security groups and role based access to each employee. Finally, the AD connector from ThingsConnect suite of adapters and connectors creates identity in AD. In addition, the flow also creates provisioning events for other systems to which the employee should have access based on his or her role. Simply, yet powerful integration. Just one example how using integration technologies can save over half a million of dollars through one simple integration between two system. This ADP to AD integration is itself a low hanging opportunity for most enterprise to save operational cost. And if you look a little deeper, there are many such opportunities to either save cost or create new revenue streams. Check out RoboMQ product to learn more. We also have this particular ADP HR to Active Directory integration available as a packaged solution. Send us a note at to learn more and lets us know how we can help you with your broader SaaS, IoT and application integration needs.